Web Development

I use HTML, CSS, Javascript & PHP to build highly functional websites with WordPress

Pauric McAnespy Web Design
Pauric McAnespy Web Design

Front-end Development

  • I am expert level HTML and CSS with a good working knowledge of JavaScript and PHP.
  • My ‘tech stack’ is MAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP).
  • I build websites that are fast and load with minimal code.
  • I’ve used Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks but prefer a light-weight custom framework.
  • I use CSS and JavaScript to animate elements on a page
  • I use the GSAP framework for more complex animations.
  • I’ve used Leaflet.js to create interactive maps
  • I use online resources to analyse and improve ratings for site speed and SEO.
  • My preferred coding software is Coda with it’s built in FTP software.

WordPress Development

  • I design and build custom themes that are fast with minimal page load.
  • I use Advanced Custom Fields to modify the admin area to match the client’s requirements, allowing them the ability to change all content on the site and create new content with pre-designed templates.
  • I write basic WordPress plugins to add functionality