Case Study: DiveNI

Design & development of a 250+ page WordPress website for the diving organisation.

Pauric McAnespy Web Design
Pauric McAnespy Web Design

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DiveNI is a new website showcasing all the dive sites around the coast of Northern Ireland.

The website is managed by National Museums Northern Ireland and is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

The Challenge

The website was quite large (250+ pages) so it was a challenge to design templates that would look good universally.

Bespoke mapping and integrating map layers from a 3rd party API also presented challenges.

The client wanted to be able to add and edit all content on the site and user generated content had to be encouraged.


My associate Keith Connolly designed a logo which was adaptable to be used against a solid colour background and a photograph.

We had access to some great photography and they were used on most of the top level pages to good effect.

Not all dive sites had good images so only thumbnail images (opening a slideshow) appeared on those pages.

Using WordPress as the CMS, I used Advanced Custom Fields to edit the admin section allowing the client full editing abilities.

Custom maps were built and the main map on the homepage acts as a navigation tool also.


The homepage map was developed by heavily modifying a map plugin. It uses filter to refine a search query and is editable by DiveNI staff.

Maps on the dive site pages have the option of displaying an Oceanwise Raster Chart.

Other maps were used to promote dive clubs and dive centres.

User Generated Content

Each dive site page has a comment section, were divers are encouraged to supply additional information to the website.

Additionally, there is a more detailed contact form where users can add dive site info or correct current inaccurate content.

Members Area

A members area was developed allowing users to sign in to their own page and bookmark and share dive sites with the website community.

Events Section

An events sectioned was developed to promote upcoming dive events.


The website was launched in July 2020 and feedback has been positive from funders, partners and users.

The diving community in particular have embraced the site and as a result, users are adding new content via the comments section and contact forms.

Pauric McAnespy Web Design