What I Do

Web Design

I am passionate about visual design, typography, layout, colour usage & brand implementation. I use UX principles & UI design best practices to produce responsive, engaging, modern, clean & professional websites. I am meticulous & my attention to detail is one of my strengths.

I believe you are only as good as your last website, so I constantly try to improve as a web designer. I keep up to date on new design trends by following web design forums on a daily basis.

Once a design brief outlining the general aesthetic is prepared, I usually sketch out the layout on paper before I create wireframes using Adobe Illustrator.

Prototypes are then designed in Illustrator, Photoshop or as an interactive demo in HTML before development begins.

I am an expert level HTML & CSS developer & have a solid working knowledge of Javascript/jQuery & PHP. I have been producing websites with frameworks such as Bootstrap & Foundation for 5 years.

I use Chrome Web Inspector & I hand-code HTML & CSS using Coda. I write well structured & easily maintained code, using comments when necessary.

I like to add Javascript to websites to enhance the User Experience.

As web development is constantly evolving, it’s important for me to keep learning new things. For my own development, I try to implement something new into each website I create. I devote a lot of my down time to learning new technologies by following tutorials.

I have been employed by web design agencies as a front-end developer, creating responsive websites from Photoshop templates, fixing css problems, cross-browser testing & email design for marketing campaigns.


I’ve been using WordPress for 5 years, but I am comfortable working with any CMS. I have experience using other CMS such as CodeIgnitor & Learning Management Systems such as Moodle & Mahara.

I choose WordPress as a CMS due to it’s ease of use for the client, it’s popularity & the large resource of training & support available. If you run into a problem, it’s likely someone else has also & a quick Google search usually reveals a solution.

I design & build my own themes using best practices such as using Child Themes. I use Advanced Custom Fields to customise the admin area & to have a really tight control over page layout. I use page templates and Custom Posts to create flexible layout options for the user.

Development on WordPress sites start locally using MAMP & once the majority of development is complete, I transfer the site to the live server. I usually set up an “Under Construction” page while the site goes through cross-browser testing, & once tested, the website goes live.

Before mobile devices, websites were created using fixed-width tables & a web designer only had to be concerned with how the website looked on desktop.

I create Responsive Web Design as standard, using percentage widths & media queries to ensure the website looks great on all devices.

Email Design

Designing for email can be a bit awkward as there are multiple email clients to cater for and many render emails differently. Keeping things simple using email design best practices is the best approach.

I have been responsible for a major email marketing campaign for a web design agency where the emails were built from scratch. I also have experience designing emails for Mailchimp & myEmma campaigns.

There are many factors involved in getting a website to the top of search engine results.

A social media strategy & a regularly updated website, semantically written code & using a WordPress SEO plugin will produced the best results.

However, as many sites don’t update content regularly, I recommend using WordPress as a CMS as it renders SEO friendly code.

With a little push using a plugin such as Yoast, it will help SEO, even if the site doesn’t have regularly updated content.

Web Animation

Web animation is limited due to bandwidth constraints, but sometimes basic animation can add a lot to the user experience.

I like to use CSS animation for basic movement and Javascript for more complex animations.

I have experience working in other design disciplines such as Graphic Design & Motion Graphic Design.

I am skilled in branding/logo creation, Graphic Design for stationary, poster & brochures, & am expert level with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. For large document layout I use Adobe InDesign.

I am skilled in using Adobe Premiere & After Effects & have produced promos, idents, corporate videos & showreels.

I have delivered software training in WordPress, Photoshop, GIMP, Dreamweaver & Premiere.